“Arminé is a highly skilled individual. She works sensitively with compassion and authority. She enables people to work through conflict and challenge whilst promoting their resilience. She has experience in a range of disciplines and supports individuals in developing their confidence and self- awareness.” 
Yvette Watson - Independent Trainer at Select Foster Care Services 
“Arminé is passionate about being absolutely focused on the needs of her clients. Clients have been recommended to her service for action learning sets.” 
Paula Menagh - Accountancy 
“I worked with Arminé when she was a manager at a nursery school, in a short space of time Armine made me feel so welcome and I learnt a great deal from her on engaging and bringing the best out of children. Armine believes firmly in the importance of men in childcare and encouraged my development greatly. It was a pleasure to work with her.” 
Luke Leatherbarrow - Behaviour Management Coordinator 
“Arminé provided tutoring and wellbeing support to some of our level 2 and 3 learners in childcare; she was able to create a safe and enabling space for them to progress and develop on their personal and professional skills. She undertook accurate, comprehensive and holistic assessment in the workplace with due diligence and professionalism” 
Marcia Abrams - Centre Manager of Elmhouse Training 
“In my capacity as a trained Early Years Teacher, my Nursery team and I engaged in professional development training in safeguarding and behaviour management on behalf of Jigsaw Initiatives. Arminé led inspirational and interactive workshops. She is extremely knowledgeable, providing informative and enlightening information.” 
Danielle Theresa Law Trollope - QTS Teacher 
"The use of Action Learning Sets brings a refreshing approach to problem solving. I would recommend this process to anyone who is having issues in the workplace or life in general." 
Andrew Robinson 
"This course was an excellent introduction to Action Learning, providing a lot of depth to my learning. Arminé is very skilled at supporting people with a wide range of experience making the whole process inclusive, fun and educational. It has made me look ahead at my own practice, which has already, during the course of the training begun to evolve". 
Seonaid Beasley - Acer Practice 
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