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At Jigsaw Initiatives, our Action Learning Training can enhance and renew energy levels and encourage your team to become creative, better problem solvers and accountable for their actions. A stable workforce contributes and impacts on an organisation’s efficiency levels; we can help build confidence and resilience through peer learning and mentoring. 
As well as supporting individuals, we can also ‘trouble-shoot’ your organisation using a range of skills and tools: 
Observing and assessing provision 
Highlighting and exploring existing gaps in practice, provision or resources 
Recommending and suggesting an improvement plan 
Identifying specific measures with the right training methods and calls to action 
Collaborating with you to meet priorities 
Working alongside you to help leaders develop teams 
A significant component of Jigsaw Initiatives’ work is Action Learning, an enabling model of learning that encourages accountability, reflection and helps people to self-manage conflict and communication. This model is ideal for situations such as a multi-disciplinary team working on the same case, or a team challenging current systems or protocols. Your team can take part in a CPD accredited course as part of their ongoing development, or simply use Action Learning to help them resolve a particular issue. In turn, you will build a stronger and more self-sufficient team and have staff with increased confidence in the work they do. 
Those who do complete the accredited course are entitled to a follow-up, review and mentoring service to support the use of these new skills in the workplace. Offering Action Learning Training as part of your CPD helps organisations stand out from the rest and would make a good addition to any professional development application. 
Get in touch for a free initial consultation to find out how Jigsaw Initiatives can support your organisation. 
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